3/13/2013: FW Weekly notes Leslie's "elegant" & "sultry" performance on NMR's 2013 Compilation.
11/26/12: Dallas Observer recommends Leslie's show in their Top 5 Shows of the Week.
9/3/12: WNYC's Gig Alert
for Leslie's Labor Day show & free song download.

3/19/12: Sloucher's in-depth interview with Leslie.
2/8/12: The Austin Chronicle recomends Leslie's SXSW show.
2/20/12: Sloucher reviews Harmony, calling it "amazing", "bealutiful", "melancholic", "intimate".
1/6/12: The Austin Chronicle lists Leslie Sisson in their 2011 Top 10's.
12/30/11: Modern Mystery includes Leslie's top 10's of 2011.
12/22/11: The Dallas Observer recommends Leslie's show, calling Harmony an "excellent new album".
1/20/11: Barsuk Records includes Leslie's tops in their year end lists.
10/14/11: ipickmynose includes "Blues" in their 2011 mixtape.
10/2011: Wcities CitySeekr reviews Leslie's "raw musicainship" on Harmony.

10/12/11: Music Savage shares "Waiting" off Harmony and is "really enjoying it".
10/7/11: The Austin Chronicle reviews Harmony noting Leslie's "vocal power" and "solo spotlight".
10/5/11: Weld recommends Leslie's Birmingham show at the Bottletree.
8/28/11: Indie Rock Reviews & Music Remedy announce Leslie's solo debut & fall tour.
8/12/11: The Austin Chronicle's cover story features The Wooden Birds & Leslie's solo debut.
7/12/11: Fighting Tinnitus compliments Leslie's "stellar" vocals with The Wooden Birds in Boston.
7/11/11: Sloucher likes the "ambient created in 'Harmony'" off Leslie's upcoming solo record.
7/6/11: Ft Worth Weekly compares Leslie to a "twang-less" Dolly and Loretta in The Wooden Birds.
6/30/11: Pitchfork plugs Leslie's "charming" lead vocal on Two Matchstick's "Baby Jeans".
6/2/11: CoS calls Leslie The Wooden Birds' "strongest asset" on Two Matchsticks.
2/2/11: Billabong includes Leslie's song "Blues" in their organic cotton video.
9/19/10: Spinner notes Leslie's cameo with Broken Social Scene in Central Park.
9/11/10: BRM mentions Leslie singing with Dan Mangan.
7/19/10: NPR 'Hey Ladies' women in music project includes Leslie.
6/2/10: John Norris & Noisevox interview Matt Pond PA (& Leslie) in Williamsburg.
3/20/10: The Onion AV Club calls Leslie the "real secret weapon" in the Wooden Birds.
2/14/10: eMusic swoons Leslie's first ever music crush.
1/13/10: SPIN Earth honors Leslie in the 2009 Best Bangs in Rock.
10/14/09: live CBS Interactice studio performance with the Wooden Birds (& Leslie).
5/21/09: Pitchfork describes Leslie as a "subdued Stevie Nicks" in the Wooden Birds.

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