Sisson is a family name, in honor of a late mother and living father, who are more than just blood, and who are at the root and reason for this music. Everyone in the Sisson band is family, and thus everyone in the band is Sisson.

Austin/Brooklyn-ite, Leslie Sisson, is known for her role in The Wooden Birds on vocals and guitar. Currently fronting her most recent project, MOVING PANORAMAS, some history includes time in Matt Pond PA, Black Forest Fire, Western Keys, Black Lipstick, The Killing Fields, Tanworth-in-Arden, Pavo, and Aero Wave on guitar, bass, keys, cello, flute, voice, as well as guest performances for American Analog Set, Windsor for the Derby, Rhythm of Black Lines, Mark Gardener of Ride, and cameos with Dan Mangan, John Wesley Coleman, Snowden, and Broken Social Scene.

Pitchfork describes Sisson’s voice as a "subdued Stevie Nicks". Sloucher says her voice "jumps out and grabs your attention". The Onion calls her a "real secret weapon". Consequence of Sound thinks she's the "strongest asset". Ft Worth Weekly compares her to a "twang-less" Dolly and Loretta, while Andrew Kenny sees her as an indie rock Emmylou. Austin Chronicle highlights her "striking lead" with "effortless harmony", recognizing her in their Top 10's of 2011.

Sisson's debut solo record Harmony produced by Louie Lino (Nada Surf/Matt Pond PA) features an aresnal of special guests from The Wooden Birds, American Analog Set, Matt Pond PA, Broken Social Scene, Experimental Aircraft, and more. Touring/live members have included Jason Hammons (On!Air!Library!), Simon Flory (Ease Them Pistols), Jody Sauarez (The Wooden Birds), Rachel Staggs (Experimental Aircraft), and Bill Brown (Attack Formation).

Harmony's follow-up, Dissonance, is in the works, intended to accompany nonfiction work Leslie is authoring, recounting the cause and effects of recent unbelievable life-changing events, in an attempt to help find a spark of light at the end of this long tunnel we all seek... via music.

In the meantime, check out her all-gal dream gaze band MOVING PANORAMAS with Leslie on guitar/vocals, Karen Skloss of Black Forest Fire on drums, and introducing Rozie Castoe, Leslie's former School of Rock student, on bass/vocals. We gotta wear shades cuz... well, you know why...

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