Sisson's debut solo record Harmony!

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MOVING PANORAMAS = Leslie's New Band

Ft Worth Weekly noted Leslie's performance on New Media Recodrings 2013 Compilations: "Over a simple kick-drum beat, she maneuvers her electric guitar quietly into elegant filigrees while singing in a sultry but not over-emotive voice about self-empowerment, casting a powerful spell." More

Dallas Observer recommended Leslie's Ft Worth show with Pinkish Black / Dim Locator at Lola's Saloon in their Top 6 Shows of the Week! More

Dallas Observer recommended Leslie's Denton show with Black Forest Fire / Poppy Red at Rubber Gloves in their Top 5 Shows of the Week! More

WNYC's Morning Edition (93.9 FM) aired a Gig Alert about Leslie's Labor Day Show and posted a Free Download of one of her songs! More interviews Leslie about Harmony, Birds, home, & more:
We are fans of Leslie Sisson. We found her lovely music when we reviewed one of the bands she is in, called The Wooden Birds. During the interview we had with The Wooden Birds, it was mentioned that Ms. Sisson had an album in the future. Lo and behold, the album is called Harmony (review) and it’s as sweet as the memories of those family road trips (to Seaworld, Tampico or Blackpool, you name it!)...
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THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE Recommended Leslie's SXSW Show!
SXSW Tuesday Picks & Sleepers
FRI, MARCH 9, 2012
Leslie Sisson
9pm, Treasure Island: Leslie Sisson's elegant harmonies lent a delicate twang to a number of projects during the past decade, notably Matt Pond PA and the Wooden Birds. With last year's contrarily titled Harmony, the Brooklyn/Austin songstress stepped to the fore, her vocals showcasing shades of both Neko Case and Aimee Mann against a backdrop of mellow guitar tones that salve Sisson's songs of tangential emotion and affective restraint. – Doug Freeman

THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE Reviewed Leslie's Debit Solo Record Harmony!
Leslie Sisson
For more than a decade, Leslie Sisson has graced myriad projects with her subdued vocals and guitar work, from defunct locals Black Lipstick to her most recent work with Matt Pond PA and Andrew Kenny's Wooden Birds. Harmony finally brings Sisson to the fore with a debut that calls upon many of those past collaborators even as it shows off the Austinite's talents. Taking the lead, Sisson still remains entreatingly oblique, skirting the edges of emotions with restraint, whether in the Neko Case touch of "Change" or the soft-light haze of the title track and the beautifully drawn out lull of "Pass." The influence of Kenny's melodic guitar tones shades "Other" and "Blues" as "Little" drives slightly harder with an Aimee Mann feel. There's a calculated tentativeness throughout, which at times could benefit from more of her apparent vocal power and fuller sound (closers "Worth" and "Win"), but Sisson earns the solo spotlight. (Leslie Sisson opens for Tapes 'n Tapes and Howler at Emo's East, Wednesday, Oct. 12.) – Doug Freeman, Fri Oct 7, 2011


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